About Us

Lovetree Products was established in 2014 servicing the health drinks niche sector and is a family run business, we take care and pride in everything we do for our customers. We are now expanding our range of products to include gifts, general home and kitchen which you will see changing on the website as we source and collaborate with like-minded brands and manufacturers. We only source and sell good quality products that we think you will love too.

Our Story

We fell into selling nut milk bags because of allergies. Our youngest son seemed to suffer from anything and everything ranging from eczema to asthma. it felt like we spent nearly every week down the doctors trying out every lotion and potion to try and heal is poor skin. Everything we tried had limited success or came back with a vengeance later.

His skin got so bad from scratching and bleeding that as baby he had to sleep in an eczema suit which had gloves. It was very distressing for everyone and anyone that has experienced this will understand.
We spent all of our time trying different things to help him and this went on for years. Through all our searching we had arrived at diet. We stopped giving him dairy and changed his milk to a milk alternative and after several changes to that, he settled on almond milk.

Within a few weeks, we could see that the angry red was fading a lot from the eczema and he appeared to be scratching less. Within 6 weeks much of the eczema had faded from his face and hands. Fast forward 12 months and it was like he never had it.

Almond milk from the supermarket is expensive and only contains 2% actual almonds so we started making it ourselves with a blender and sheets of muslin. This made it much more cost-effective and has no other ingredients apart from nuts and water. After a few months of experimenting, we found a nut milk bag was much more efficient for straining almond milk and other lovely juices.

Our friends saw the dramatic change in our son and wanted to know how we did it. So, we converted many of our friends into almond milk drinkers and our business began.

We are not doctors and cannot provide any medical advice, we are also not saying this will cure your eczema or get rid of your allergies. You should always seek professional medical advice for any illness and treatment. We are only saying this is what worked for us.